GUI interface using visual basic to track the killers IP address CSI

Fair use claim: -this serves an educational purpose in demonstrating computer illiteracy as it pertains to American Television -the clip is far too short to compete in any way with the original product and its intended use -there is no way that this could be confused with an official broadcast or redistribution by the content creator -the clip is being use non-commercially

25 thoughts on “GUI interface using visual basic to track the killers IP address CSI”

  1. I’ll flash the killer’s USB port by hacking a backdoor using IRC then transfer a .txt file through GPS into Al’Quaeda’s proxy server network then use Remote Control to subscribe Laden ‘s e-mail to monthly gay porn.

  2. @yexey

    Well of course she does. She creates a graphical user interface interface in Visual Basic and hacks into the Bank’s mainframe.

  3. He thinks that shes retarded? oh, i thought he was saying HE was retarded. Gee, im pretty stupid for thinking that, and keep on replying without thinking about it.

  4. it’s ironic because xerohour thinks the lady is retarded, but he actually spells “retarded” incorrectly.

  5. @bnsDFerguson The CSI series usually has pretty credible consultants. Dunno what went wrong here… Maybe Bruckheimer got trolled? 😛

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