How does business objects differ from Cognos business intelligence toolset?

I’m not sure how the two are different. Could someone please explain the application of Cognos BI toolset and its functionality VS Business Objects and it’s applications and functionality.

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  1. Cognos BI and Business Objects XI are, as the name depicts, business intelligence softwares provided by different vendors, IBM and SAP respectively.

    Business Intelligence softwares provide means by which an organization can collect, integrate, analyze and present business data in a more meaningful form. Using this data, organizations make their daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual decisions to keep moving towards the set targets. All BI softwares ensure that this data is presented to the decision makes at all levels within the organization in a timely manner.

    Any vendor selling BI solutions would offer tools that allow performance management, enterprise information management, querying, analysis and reporting. So the two products mentioned above wont have much difference.

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