Integrating SAP Business Objects XI 3.1 BI Tools with SAP NetWeaver

Product Description
This book is your implementation guide for BusinessObjects XI 3.1 Tools within SAP NetWeaver 7.0. After introducing you to the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise platform and important SAP BusinessObjects BI client tools, you ll work through easy-to-use but still technically detailed information on how to set up these tools. In addition, you ll find step-by-step instructions and a chapter on troubleshooting issues to round off this convenient guide.

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Integrating SAP Business Objects XI 3.1 BI Tools with SAP NetWeaver

4 thoughts on “Integrating SAP Business Objects XI 3.1 BI Tools with SAP NetWeaver”

  1. It’s not a bad book to go through if you are a BI consultant who needs to know how get BO installed and start working with it on top of BW. The book covers the integration part b/n the two systems well. However, the thing I didn’t like is the constant reference to the Installation guides online, which you need to read if the DB you are installing BO on top of isn’t the default one, discussed in the book (Installation on the server side is covered for Tomcat; installation is discussed for MySQL). I think the authors should have spent more time on other DBs and platfroms for the price of 85 USD. To sum it up, it’s a decent book in times when there is nothing else available to read about SAP BO. If you can speak German, get the “Reporting und Analyse mit SAP BusinessObjects” as there will be nothing else available, from SAP Press at least, on this topic until March 2010, in English I mean.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. A good core reference which can be complemented with material available online. Found it to be very useful. Also helpful for handling interviews.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Ingo Hilgefort provides the reader with a quick introduction into all aspects of a BusinessObjects XI 3.1 (‘BO’) deployment. While the rest of the world is waiting for the integration of SAP BW and BO, Ingo shows what’s possible today. The great advantage for SAP BI consultants is that he does not assume any prior knowledge of BO XI. Instead he translates the BO terms into SAP BI terms (e.g. ‘BO Publications’ is similar to ‘BEx Broadcaster’). This way he shows SAP BI consultants a very practical, step-by-step approach from BO’s installation up to the integration with SAP’s NetWeaver Portal. He concludes with an outlook into future integration scenarios as they were known in November 2008. It is likely that the book will get quickly outdated, but at this point in time it is a great entry-level book for SAP BI consultants. Many more books will have to follow to address all the integration issues like authorizations, performance, large-scale deployments and others. Unfortunately the book does not cover all the details of the BO XI platform and instead refers to ‘other publications’. At 258 pages there would have been plenty of space for more detailed information. Therefore it gets only 4 out of 5 stars.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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