4 thoughts on “Part 4 – PHP programming – Functions, Functions, Functions”

  1. I switch around a lot, I think for this one I was using an editor called Aptana. There are a lot of good, free text editors out there though… my advice is to shop around until you find one you are comfy with.

  2. Nice tutorial… What program are you using? I couldnt quite make it out. It would be alot quicker to make my sites with this application

  3. Hey, thanks! These were my first attempt at video tutorials.

    Among other things, I wasn’t aware of the time limit for videos here. So some of the tutorials are actually missing… hmmm

    So I am working on starting again and hopefully improving them a lot.

  4. Hey,

    Just want to say that I appricieate your work! You are explainating good, but sometimes the link to the page, are sometimes disturbing the content! =P

    Just wanted to encourage you to continue your good work. Its kinda weird that not more people have picked theese lessons.

    And wondered where the rest of the toturial was? it kinda end in middle of a sentence.

    Once again: Thank u for your work,


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