PHP programming?

Write a program in PHP which can process the data from this HTML form. To convert a temperature in Fahrenheit to Celsius, 32 degrees need to be subtracted and the result needs to be multiplied with (5/9). For instance, 95 degrees Fahrenheit is 35 degrees in Celcius, and 20 degrees in Celcius is 68 degrees in Fahrenheit.

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2 thoughts on “PHP programming?”

  1. i can’t understand what is the problem?
    you just need to write a function in php and its just simple one very simple….
    do you know how to code in php?

    any ways take a look at the link, it will give you exact idea how to code this in php

  2. < ?php // This script has not been tested $temp = $_REQUEST['temp']; $units = $_REQUEST['units']; // multiple select for c or f if ($units == 'F') echo $temp .' degrees F is equal to '. (($temp - 32)*(5/9)) .' degrees C'; if ($units == 'C') echo $temp .' degrees C is equal to '. ((9/5) * $temp + 32) .' degrees F'; ?>

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