Using Objective-C, Foundation Framework

(April 6, 2009) Alan Cannistraro provides an overview of object oriented programming, the objective-C programming language, and common foundation classes. Stanford University: Stanford School of Engineering: Stanford University Channel on YouTube

SQL SERVER / T-SQL Tutorial: Left Outer Join – Right Outer Join – Full Join – Combining Join

T-SQL Tutorial iPhone SDK Essential Training: Objective-C

In this video developer Simon Allardice introduces you to Objective-C coding – the core language for iPhone development.

This is a movie from iPhone SDK Essential training on, which covers the process of becoming an iPhone developer, from getting started with the tools and the language to building user interfaces and working with the unique features of the iPhone. With multiple hands-on exercises and demonstration projects, Simon explores the core development tools for iPhone (Xcode, Interface Builder, and Instruments), the language (Objective-C), and the framework (Cocoa Touch).

ASP.NET Tutorial – Understanding Web Application State- Part1

In this lesson, you will see how to maintain state in ASP.NET, including the various objects you can use to store information for your ASP.NET 2.0 applications. For Best View: watch the video in Full Screen Mode.

An Overview of the Coming C++ (C++0x) Standard

Google Tech Talks October 31, 2008 ABSTRACT The C++ language has started the formal approval process with the recent release of its Committee Draft, ie Beta. This talk outlines the process, the new features, some features left out, and the procedures for formal comments. Speaker: Matt Austern Matt Austern is a long-time contributor to the C++ standard, as well as a Google engineer. Speaker: Lawrence Crowl Lawrence Crowl is a long-time contributor to the C++ standard, as well as a Google engineer.

Visual Basic 2008 / Visual Basic .NET Tutorial #7 – The Progress Bar

This tutorial will teach you the easiest method of using a Progress Bar in your application for Visual Basic 2008. This is not the best way but as it is an early tutorial, it should help the beginners understand.

Key Terms:

Progress Bar ProgressBar.Increment

Java EE – Hello world EJB3 in Netbeans

This is an introduction to Java EE Enterprise Java Bean (EJB 3) technology. It’s just an hello world example and this is part1. This series of posts will cover: How to create a simple ejb, How to write an standalone client application for that bean, How to deploy it on a real server etc. And there will be a screencast of every tutorial.

Asp.Net 2.0 & C# Photo gallery with upload (part 1)

step1: i’m creating a new website. make sure you select c# from the dropdownlist. step2: I’m importing an existing sql database file. Please refer to some other video about creating databases. step3: creating a new table. i’m not storing images in the database. i’m storing only their names. the images are stored in the “Images” folder this video has part 2 ———————————————————————- Installing Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition The following steps describe the process to install and activate Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. 1. Go to and download the file. 2. After download completes, execute vwdsetup.exe. Youll be taken through a number of setup screens. The important one is where youre asked to choose optional products that you might want to install. Check to install SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. You might also want to install Microsoft MSDN Express Library 2005 Beta 2, which contains the product documentation. Youll eventually get to the Download screen, where the setup program downloads other necessary components from the Microsoft site. After the download completes, the process continues by installing the downloaded components. 3. After installation is complete, youre informed that you must complete a registration process to get your free activation key in a maximum

LAN Chat program Simple Tutorial Visual Basic Network

This is a simple LAN Chat program written in visual basic 6.0. It is a step by step guide to programing your own LAN chat program. With image shots for clearer viewing also. – Christopher McKirgan