NSTableView with Core Data Tutorial using NSFetchedResultsController

In this tutorial, I will walk you through using an NSTableView with Core Data in a macOS application. We will use NSFetchedResultsController to manage the data and perform the necessary updates. This tutorial assumes you have some familiarity with Swift, Xcode and Cocoa (macOS) development using storyboards. Create a new macOS project in Xcode: Open … Read more

Cocoa Programming: A Quick-Start Guide for Developers

ISBN13: 9781934356302 Condition: New Notes: BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, Over one million books sold! 98% Positive feedback. Compare our books, prices and service to the competition. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Description Cocoa Programming: A Quick-Start Guide for Developers shows you how to get productive with Cocoa-fast! We won’t walk you through every class and method in the … Read more

Objective-C Tutorial – Lesson 4: Part 2: Cast Operator & Sizeof Operator

In this lesson I demonstrate how you can change a variable from one type to another and how to find out for yourself the size of a variable in bytes. Twitter – twitter.com FaceBook – www.facebook.com E-mail – [email protected] Objective-C Tutorial objective-c tutorial objective c tutorial

Head First iPhone Development: A Learner’s Guide to Creating Objective-C Applications for the iPhone

ISBN13: 9780596803544 Condition: NEW Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark. Product Description Let’s say you have an idea for a killer iPhone app. Where do you begin? Head First iPhone Development will help you get your first application up and running in no time. You’ll quickly learn to use iPhone SDK tools, including … Read more

Xcode 3 Unleashed

ISBN13: 9780321552631 Condition: NEW Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark. Product Description Apple’s new Xcode 3 is the most powerful Mac development suite ever created. In Xcode 3 Unleashed, renowned Mac developer Fritz Anderson has written the definitive guide to making the most of Xcode 3 to build any Macintosh or iPhone application. … Read more

Using Objective-C, Foundation Framework

(April 6, 2009) Alan Cannistraro provides an overview of object oriented programming, the objective-C programming language, and common foundation classes. Stanford University: www.stanford.edu Stanford School of Engineering: soe.stanford.edu Stanford University Channel on YouTube

Lynda.com: iPhone SDK Essential Training: Objective-C

In this video developer Simon Allardice introduces you to Objective-C coding – the core language for iPhone development. This is a movie from iPhone SDK Essential training on lynda.com, which covers the process of becoming an iPhone developer, from getting started with the tools and the language to building user interfaces and working with the … Read more

Objective-C Pocket Reference

ISBN13: 9780596004231 Condition: NEW Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark. Product Description Objective-C is an exciting and dynamic approach to C-based object-oriented programming; it’s the approach adopted by Apple as the foundation for programming under Mac OS X, a Unix-based operating system gaining wide acceptance among programmers and other technologists. Objective-C is easy … Read more

iPhone and other mobile programming courses via Online Video, Worksheets, One-on-One Sessions with remotely accessible Mac

EDUmobile.ORG has launched an iPhone Development Online Course that teaches candidates via Online Video, PDF Documents, One-on-One sessions and Weekly Worksheets. A certificate is also offered to all candidates once they complete the course.The Course duration for is between 8 to 12 weeks depending upon the developers past experience in programming. For those who do … Read more

Learn Java on the Macintosh

Product Description Veteran authors Barry Boone and Dave Mark show readers how to learn to program using Java on the most user-friendly platform–the Macintosh. Written in the style of the highly successful Learn C on the Macintosh, this easy-to-follow introduction will take beginning programmers through the core concepts of this new programming language. The CD-ROM … Read more

Mac OS X version 10.6 Snow Leopard

Mac OS X Snow Leopard is built on a rock-solid, time-tested UNIX foundation that provides unparalleled stability as well as industry-leading support for Internet standards Improvements include a more responsive Finder, new look and features for Exposé and Stacks, quicker Time Machine backup, faster common tasks and installation, a smaller install footprint, and plenty more … Read more

Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Home & Student Edition

Streamlined user interface runs natively on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs Open XML file formats, the Office Art graphics engine, and other features that result in compatibility and file fidelity Professional design is within your power with hundreds of new customizable templates and suite-wide themes, SmartArt graphics, and the new Publishing Layout View in Word … Read more

Objective-C For Dummies

ISBN13: 9780470522752 Condition: NEW Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark. Product DescriptionLearn the primary programming language for creating iPhone and Mac apps The only thing hotter than the iPhone right now is new apps for the iPhone. Objective-C is the primary language for programming iPhone and Mac OS X applications, and this book … Read more

Research and Markets: Beginning iPhone and iPod Touch SDK Programming with Objective-C

Research and Markets: Beginning iPhone and iPod Touch SDK Programming with Objective-C DUBLIN—-Research and Markets has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd’s new report “Beginning iPhone SDK Programming with Objective-C” to their offering. Read more on Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance

Object Persistence in Java


At the time of development, sometimes it is necessary to store the state of the object in the file system. Some objects may or may not be stored in the file system depending upon the structural intensity of the object graph. In this article, I will focus on two major aspects of the object persistence. Before going to this subject, I would like to tell you about the significance of the object persistence. Object persistence presupposes the state of the object in the file system. In this matter you can make argument regarding object persistence in the database, which hibernate does. But so far this article is concerned I will give glimpse on persistence in the file system for all convenience. The state of object signifies the attributes or properties of the object in the broader sense. The object graph represents the internal morphological structure of the object. So persisting object means, you are going to store all the internal changed structure of the object.

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