Connect Access / OOBase to MySQL Using ODBC Part 1 of 2

This video demonstrates how to install and configure the MySQL ODBC driver on a Windows-based PC and then use it to connect either Microsoft Access or Open Office Base to a MySQL database. Part 1 of 2.

9 thoughts on “Connect Access / OOBase to MySQL Using ODBC Part 1 of 2”

  1. Very informative tutorial, I really liked it. It misses however the information about the capability of Base using JDBC which I prefer due to several utf8 issues in a mixed Windows/Linux environment. Though the Access ODBC runs pretty well the better choice for Base is JDBC. I even might say that JDBC runs slightly smoother. Anyway I like your videos, keep it up. You are doing good work!

  2. thanks for the tutorial, we need to replace our aging access based customer database with somthing more stable and i think MySQL using OpenOffice or Access as a front end will probabally be the easiest way

  3. Well, what I am looking for is some tutorials for creating simple PHP website (aka web-based application). I guess building one database driven website using PHP are great, isn’t it?

  4. Not sure what you are looking for. Acccess and PHP are different kinds of tools for different kinds of jobs. PHP can call MySQL directly or it can use ODBC to connect to an Access database. Access directly connects to its own native DB type or connects to MySQL using ODBC. Depending on what kind of application you are writing, you would use PHP or Access.

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