Head up to become a good iPhone developer – few tips

For a brand new iPhone developer, the prospect of iPhone programming may come across as both exciting and intimidating. Here are a few very helpful tips for the beginners who are considering developing their own iPhone web application and thus joining the expansive bandwagon of iPhone developers.

Speaking out of experience and prudence, it is not a good idea to start your programming expedition with the interface builder. The interface builder does not let you understand the process thoroughly and cripple you somewhere as a talented developer of the future iPhone web apps. Take your own time to understand the Model, View, Controller (MVC) design pattern before you start. You should make generous use of right click when browsing through documentation in Xcode. It will help you learn a lot about things you need to have better conceptual knowledge of. For example, say you are looking for information on UIViewController, simply right click on the text and initiate a search for the relevant API entry. It’s that simple. You are suggested to strengthen your basics in programming for iPhones by reading books on Objective-C and a good guide on iPhone application programming, respectively. It is an important foundation to learn to use properties, methods, know how to launch Google Maps app and allocate/ de-allocate objects in memory using Objective-C. You can look up answers to any of your questions over Google and find excellent sites dedicated to finding such answers. Not to mention, iTunes U has effective lectures on programming for iPhones. You can make use of them before you actually start on your own. When you program using Xcode, it is likely that your application may crash a few times. While Apple does  not impart much information on these crashes, but if you really wish to learn from your mistakes, select executables in Xcode (which is something round and blue at the top), choose arguments and enable NSZombie using NSZombieEnabled = YES. The log will have more information for you to thrive upon.

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