How important is it to master C language before proceeding for C++, Java and other high level languages?

I’m doing my computer engineering studies in India. We aren’t taught C in extreme detail in our university. Is it crucial or will it make things easier for me in the future if I make sure I get a high level training in C at this initial stage?

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  1. Learning C programming is indeed very essential for learning C++ Java etc. C is sometimes referred to as the subset of C++ The basic constructs of a program, pointer concepts and how parsing of a statement is done by a compiler can be understood at this level itself.
    In fact you’ll find it more interesting to study CFG in automata(don’t get worried about that now) if you learn C as things get more and more complicated in higher languages.

  2. It’s good to learn any programming language, however, C is not necessary for learning C++ or Java. Actually, learning C ,which is a procedural language, can be a disadvantage to you because C++ and Java are object oriented languages. Yes, C++ is considered a superset of C, which is why it LOOKS similar. However, if your goal is object oriented programming then it would be better to start with C++ then move to Java and not bother with C.

  3. Its absolutely not necessary for you to learn C before C++ because apart starting character for the language and some syntacticality there is no similarity between the two. I know there are lots of guys who thinks other wise but if you get the essence of C++ then you will understand why its not important.

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