25 thoughts on “iphone Programming Basics 1-1”

  1. If you got windows and keep complaining about not having a mac, just dual boot a mac os on your pc. Mac os x snow leopard is just 30 bucks.

  2. Yes, you can do this on a pc. You can run the mac os x on a pc. It’s pretty easy…and alot!!! cheaper, lol.

  3. Why don’t come & live in Toronto, Canada & if you could effort to live here for over 6months then talk!!

    You live in a damn cheap ass country & you running your mouth?! shut the fuck up kid!
    & bark else where!

  4. iPhone App Development is designed to be programmed on Mac OSX.

    Just because you can’t afford a Mac… doesn’t mean you need to flame tutorials.

  5. m33lad, show some respect. These guys don’t have to do this at all. Learn what you can and move on.
    Best wishes on you programming.

  6. Should I got and buy an mac notebook just to do this?
    I’m using a f**king PC! You ppl should explain for both of the computer. IF you can’t use it for PC say it. and you ppl need to learn how to explain like you’re telling someone who is NEW TO THIS PROCESS!!!!

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  8. Are you a beginner with the iPhone SDK and need some help?
    Then visit icodehelp (.) com
    Your first steps into iPhone coding.

  9. Why do you haft to be such an A-hole?
    Can’t you just tell him the problem like a freaking normal person? Instead of spilling him out.
    You D***Head

  10. I agree, the video quality is just horrible, but the tutorial on the other hand is great 😛 keep up the good work man 😛

    btw: why do almost everyone always need be such a bunch of A-holes? why can’t they (in this case) just tell you that the quality is bad like a freaking normal person, instead of going mad because of a simple little thing, I am telling you man, most people these days are complete idiots 😀

  11. Your video is terrible, keep the screen still, record the whole screen not your mouse! DAMN YOU SUCK, you’re a wannabe geek.

  12. @jscook: hopefully you received an answer by now, but basically you’re going to meet two requirements with your mac purchase if you decide to get a used Mac:

    1) it must be an Intel-based Mac (no G5/G4 models).
    2) It needs to at least have Leopard installed (OS X 10.5.x, then update to latest minor version of Leopard via Update – 10.5.3 might be the lowest you can use… not sure on that one).


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