Program a DVD PLAYER in VISUAL BASIC 2008 (Intermediate)

PLEASE visit my new Visual Basic Tutorials Website! How to program a DVD PLAYER in VISUAL BASIC 2008 (Intermediate). This is only intended as a guide to get you started. You can experiment by trying to make a menu button, eject button etc. NOTE If you try something on your program that the DVD doesnt support then your program is likely to crash. Go to this address to find out more about the “mswebdvd” component. Enjoy! ——————— This program can be a bit dodgy sometimes but be patient with it and you should get it to work. I hit a few problems when doing it. The program wont work with vista because of the different DVD components. Apologies for the poor video quality at the end, it was difficult recording the DVD video off the screen.


  1. HI,
    Can you explain me how can i put my own videos play in vb?
    I’ve been done a game for schol on vb 2008 and i want to click on a button and play a video that i created but is not a dvd play.
    Sry if is confusing.

  2. I’ve been looking for a way to make a DVD player for so long and after all that it was THIS EASY!? Thanks, a lot, man. And p.s. I like the music. Comp tutorial videos with voice are usually just awkward silence and boringness.

  3. No, I figured it out, click on the dvd player screen, then go to properties and the volume is set to 0. I dunno what to set it to tho.

  4. Why are people bagging on VB. It “not real programming” because its easy? Oh please. Speed is one of the main components to realising software which is what programs like vb give you. Big companies use these simple programs.

  5. hello, I have request for you. I see that you know Visual Basic 2008. I try create a program which will measure time from date which I enter to this program to value zero. For example, I set program like this, that it will deduction from 550 days to 1 days. I just want see
    on my desktop how many time is to ‘deadline’ 🙂 . If you will help me with this or maybe you know how create this program or something like this i will pleasure!!

  6. jejeje I also like FRIENDS its very funny, xD, also i like two and a half men, the big bang theory :D, good video
    i am new in visual basic, i am learning of all visual basic tutorials XD

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