1. hello can you define how make open with a note file with notepad but the note pad is created in Visual Studio in c# or vb i will very thankful to you

  2. I search for a step by step installation of sql server 2005. Not express edition, the full one. So change your title for sql server 2005 express please cause it is not the same installation and configuration. otherwise thks

  3. the server name is the name of your computer you can try to Google for essential keywords in problemNetwork Server Utility has list of all server instances.

  4. This was baaaaad. I don’t have a lot of knowledge about sql server, but there is a program that i need to install it for. You are not telling anything about the extra or standard components or why they should be installed. You can also sit there and say NEXT. Tell it in the most boring way too.

  5. Good Question. S. Q. L. Server is great if you are going to write desktop applications or web applications that access data in a database. If you are not going to do that, it is not all that useful and you do not really need it. If you do not need it, deleting it is fine.

  6. umm. . ok. . . this takes up about 600 mb on my pc. . . . what does this even do??? i have never used this, so i want to know if i can delete it or if i should keep it

  7. Sorry but this video is too unprofessional!! You talk about SQL Installation but I am sure that you don’t know for what the half installation options are for!!!! And this camera resolution!!!! Before starting shoot a video, please guys, read more, test more, don’t loose our time!!!

  8. my new toshiba laptop came with sql server 2005 installed it is not the express version it just says microsoft sql server 2005 in the add remove programs in vista

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