Oracle Web Application Programming for PL/SQL Developers

Product DescriptionThis book covers everything you need to know to master Web application development in an Oracle environment – using PL/SQL. It is packed with practical tips that save the reader time, effort and frustration while developing and deploying Internet-ready, e-commerce applications using Oracle 9i. The book also provides important information on core topics such … Read more

Oracle Launches Oracle Application Integration Foundation Pack 11gR1

Oracle Launches Oracle Application Integration Foundation Pack 11gR1 AIA Foundation Pack 11gR1 simplifies and speeds development of integration projects for business analysts, architects, developers, and application owners, effectively bringing the AIA programming model and best practices out of the documentation and into the toolset, according to Oracle. Read more on Insurance and Technology

iPhone Web Applications: Another Key iPhone Application Development Area

iPhone webappsIt’s been three years of colorful journey with the Apple iPhone, the most scintillating communication gadget of all time. Full credit goes to Apple for creating such an awe-inspiring device and for pouring ‘life’ to it. It’s a device for the ones who have a liking for the best and speedy things in life. Never shying on features even an inch, the Apple iPhone has proved once again why its maker, Apple has always been the most sought-after name in software and gadgetry world. Equipped with a plethora of entertainment, communication, utility and connectivity functions, the Apple iPhone are now available in two versions of 3G and non-3G. Both the versions support third party software installation in a breeze. It just takes a few minutes fir you to download different types of iPhone apps from the web and then download to the device.

The iPhone SDKs provide the tools and resources necessary for creating native iPhone applications. These applications appear as icons on the iPhone user’s Home screen. Unlike a web application which runs on platforms like Safari, native applications run directly on an iPhone OS-€“based device, as standalone apps. Native applications are capable of accessing all the features thus making the iPhone much more interesting. An iPhone programming expert is the most suitable professional who can create smart and intelligent iPhone applications such as accelerometers, location service, and Multi-Touch interface and many more.

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iPhone Application Development For Dummies

ISBN13: 9780470487372 Condition: USED – VERY GOOD Notes: Product DescriptionHere’s the fun and easy way to learn how to create your own iPhone applications Whether you’re a professional developer or an iPhone user with a knack for technology, this plain English guide shows you how easy it can be to create your own cool iPhone … Read more

Web Service Development for IBM websphere Application Server V7

For the full video please visit: This course teaches students how to develop, debug, test, and monitor Web services for Java Platform, Enterprise Edition version 5 (Java EE 5) using IBM websphere Application Server V7. Java EE 5 represents a significant evolution in the Java enterprise programming model by providing application developers with considerable … Read more

Which do you think is more difficult: programming an iPhone application or a website like Facebook?

I’m starting a project. I’m wondering whether those who are knowledgeable about the subject matter would say that programming a website with user-submitted content would be more difficult than programming an iPhone application or two? Including the difficulty in learning the various languages and programs involved. I realize this is a pretty subjective question, just … Read more

Advantages of Application Servers in Web and Software Development

An application server is a server that hosts an application program to provide business logic for third-party application program. An application server combining or working with a web server is called a web application server in many usages. A web application server can be a flexible web application development and deployment tool.

The application server is frequently observed as a part of a three tier application, which comprises of a GUI (graphical user interface) server, business logic or application server and a database server. In a more descriptive way it can be viewed as:

  • Front end or first tier (personal computer)
  • A middle tier (an intranet server or LAN)
  • Third tier or back-end (database server)

Advantages of Application Servers in the Web and Software Development Scenario

In the web & software development scenario, an application server offers various advantages including:

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Java EE 5 Development using GlassFish Application Server: The complete guide to installing and configuring the GlassFish Application Server and developing … 5 applications to be deployed to this server

Product Description The complete guide to installing and configuring the GlassFish Application Server and developing Java EE 5 applications to be deployed to this server Concise guide covering all major aspects of Java EE 5 development Uses the enterprise open-source GlassFish application server Explains GlassFish installation and configuration Covers all major Java EE 5 APIs … Read more

Java EE Application Development with Apache: The Most Widely Used Web Server in the World

Introduction and Relevant Definitions

javaJava, in the context of software, means numerous computer software products and specifications. Taken together these provide a system for developing application software and deploying it in a cross platform environment. Java is provided by Sun Microsystems. Computer Software, or simply software, refers to digital data which can be stored, processed and displayed by a computer. JavaEE application development is software designed to help the user perform a particular task.

Java finds application on a wise range of computing platforms. These range from super – computers and enterprise servers on the high end to mobile cell phones and embedded devices on the low end. Java applets are used in desktop computers to obtain secure World Wide Web services. However it is not commonly used on desktops. Java is most widely used in web servers, mobiles and enterprise applications.

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Introducing Enterprise Java Application Architecture and Design

Introducing Enterprise Java Application Architecture and Design For a long time, Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) has been the platform of choice across industries (banking, insurance, retail, hospitality, travel, and telecom, to name a few) for developing and deploying enterprise business applications. Read more on

Software Tools, Controls accelerate application development.

Software Tools, Controls accelerate application development. With framework rooted in Web standards, developed using JQuery and AJAX and extended in ASP.NET, ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2010 offers suite of custom controls for Windows, Web, and Mobile application development. ASP.NET AJAX controls offer features fully extendable on client side, including GridView with asynchronous paging and sorting as … Read more