T-SQL 2008 Joes 2 Pros: Core T-SQL Coding Fundamentals For Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Product Description Joes 2 Pros turns SQL students into SQL certified experts. This is the original SQL book that began it all. A newer second edition of this book has been reprinted with a lower price under the new title, “Beginning SQL Joes 2 Pros”. It has the same images, explanations, practices, and quizzes as … Read more

Core PHP Programming: Using PHP to Build Dynamic Web Sites

Product Description Core PHP Programming, Second Edition is the first complete, practical guide to PHP 4 for experienced Web developers. Fully updated to reflect PHP 4.0’s breakthrough features and performance, it covers every technique you need to build robust, fast Web applications. Leading PHP developer Leon Atkinson starts with a high-level overview of PHP: how … Read more

Core PHP Programming

Product Description Core PHP Programming, Third Edition is the authoritative guide to the new PHP 5 for experienced developers. Top PHP developer Leon Atkinson and PHP 5 contributor/Zend Engine 2 co-creator Zeev Suraski cover every facet of real-world PHP 5 development, from basic syntax to advanced object-oriented development — even design patterns! It’s all here: … Read more