Verizon FiOS Offers All-Digital Fiber-Optic Internet

Some Internet access providers claim to have an all-fiber optic network, but that is not quite true. Every network providers except Verizon actually offers fiber-optic only to the curb; your signal travels into your home through regular copper wiring. Until very recently, fiber-optic into the home was not possible, though most cable providers don’t advertise the fact that the fiber-optic connection stops at the curb. Now, with Verizon FiOS, your Internet connection travels over a fiber-optic network all the way to your computer.

This “all-the-way-to-your-home” fiber-optic connection brings Verizon FiOS into your home with connections of up to 50 Mbps or 30 Mbps downstream, depending on your package, and up to 20 Mbps or 5 Mbps upstream. In non-technical terms, Verizon FiOS offers the fastest home Internet access available.

What makes fiber-optic so much faster? We hear “fiber-optic” all the time, but may not know exactly what it means or how it can deliver data so much faster and more reliably. The “fiber” in fiber-optic stands for extremely fine strands of glass fiber. Bursts of light are transmitted through these fibers at amazingly fast rates. These digital signals travel at much higher speeds than analog signals on conventional copper wiring, making your Verizon FiOS Internet connection blazingly fast.

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