JBoss Seam: Simplicity and Power Beyond Java? EE

Product Description This is the eBook version of the printed book. A new edition of this title is available, ISBN-10: 0137129394 ISBN-13: 9780137129393 Discover JBoss Seam: the Unified Framework for Simpler, More Powerful Web Development � JBoss Seam integrates EJB 3. 0 and JSF components under a unified framework that simplifies and accelerates Java EE … Read more

Build and Secure Java Applications with Packt’s new book on JBoss AS

JBoss AS 5 Development is a new book from Packt which helps developers create and secure their Java applications on the JBoss application server. Written by software architect Francesco Marchioni, this book teaches users how to develop, configure and deploy a complete Java EE application using JBoss AS. JBoss Application Server is the most commonly … Read more

JBoss in Action

This book is divided into four parts, containing 15 chapters and two appendices. Chapter 1: The JBoss Application Server If you are using JBoss than you can simply skip Chapter 1. This chapter gets you up and running with JBoss by describing the directories and files that are part of JBoss AS, how to start … Read more