What are the best sites online to learn about JAVA AWT/SWING event-handling components?

You want to know which sites are the best out there for learning JAVA AWT/SWING event-handling components, etc?

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iPhone and other mobile programming courses via Online Video, Worksheets, One-on-One Sessions with remotely accessible Mac

EDUmobile.ORG has launched an iPhone Development Online Course that teaches candidates via Online Video, PDF Documents, One-on-One sessions and Weekly Worksheets.

A certificate is also offered to all candidates once they complete the course.The Course duration for is between 8 to 12 weeks depending upon the developers past experience in programming.

For those who do not own a Mac, there is a facility offered to remotely login to access a Mac to carry out your programming from a normal PC connected to the Internet. Thus, one does not need to purchase or own a Mac. The cost for the entire course is  $200, and you can optionally avail of a facility to pay in 3 easy installments. Use AZV while signing up for this course and you get 25% off on the spot.

You also get to work and co-publish your first live industrial iphone project (game or application) on the official Apple Appstore, This means that you can essentially earn back the money and time that you put into this, many times over in a matter of a few months!

If anyone wants to see sample videos and course material, please post here / PM and I will give links. Remember – this is not a DIY course or ebook. Its all complete hands on training w/ videos and one-on-one sessions.

Interested people will need to register ASAP, as they are quickly approaching maximum capacity and will not be able to entertain an excessive number of students. Please visit here iphone programming to get more information.

Online Java Programming Tutorial

Online Java Tutorial. It is the need of the hour as the world slowly get stable economy and the programming options and learnings are again started.

Java is a very powerful language to be used in designing web applications. Java is a product of sun microsystems and helps in desining standalone applications web, applications, custom applications, embedded system programming, mobile programming and so on.

If any one who want to make his career in computer software he has to be introduced to java. Such popular and powerful language it is. As per the different surveys and the feedbacks from the job consultancies we learn that the job opeinings for java lies between 40 to 60 percentage of total software openings are demanding programming skills in java.

Java lays the foundation for not only the programmers but also the testers when the write their scripting for automated testing.  Learning java will help to achieve ones targets easily because of the inbuilt libraries it has, the security it provides, especially the platform independance.

There are several websites which provides tutorials for learning core java, advanced java, servlets, JSPs, architecture using frameworks like struts, hibernate, spring and so on. These sites will provide discussion forums where we can post our queries and the experts will post the answers to it. When registered with the site we will get regular mails on java updates, new examples added, We can also provide feedback to the site as it conains the feedback.

I hereby will introduce you to one such website http://www.javaneeds.com


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Project Manager,
Webarch Technologies
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Learn Java – Online Java Tutorials and Tips

You are new to Java that helps improve the web page design and you need to learn in order to better your skills. Java experts post there analysis in the form of Java tutorials and a lot of documentation has been done that could be referred back. It is vital for beginners to get all essential knowledge that is required to make perfect functional Java programs and equally important for advanced learners to get tips for a more enhanced approach towards Java programming.

Online Java tutorials are far more effective learning options today for learners wanting to have knowledge on Java Platform which is a hardware or software environment in which a program runs. In the online java tutorials we have already mentioned some of the most popular platforms like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris OS, and Mac OS. Most platforms can be described as a combination of the operating system and underlying hardware. More information on this is available online, thus saving your time in looking for books containing more of a limited resource.

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