25 thoughts on “Visual Basic 2008 Tutorials: Hello World”

  1. @huzey thanks for another good comment! People just keep bugging me, when i could be speaking in portuguese and left many people without a tutorial =/. So i want everyone to learn 😀

  2. Great video Leandro!I have a Visual Basic exam next week and have just been studying 1-2 hours a day of it. This video adds resize, MsgBox command and If/Else statements to my repertoire. Thanks a lot! Btw your voice is well paced with the video, you take it slow and explain it very effectively.

  3. very nice video, i will always come back to you for help =D dont worry about these little kids, you speak english fine. Notice the kids that say the vids suck have little kid and immature user names? i did, lol.

  4. I though the video was fine. If people are complaining about the clarity on such an elementary VB program, practice your reading skills and try using the textbook. Nincompoops. . .

  5. good video, i think his first language is not English so he can’t speak really well. . but nice tutorial though,. ,

  6. @ExquisitelyKylewhy don’t u try speaking portuguese?also watch other ppls tutorialsim not the only one on youtube u know

  7. can some1 help me when i press new project on visual basic it says requested registry access is not allowed Please help 🙁

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