What is the average first year raise for a software developer?

I work as a software developer in Austin, TX. I just graduated last December from Univ. of Texas and started at my current job at the beginning of this year, making 55k/yr, which is about average. I am going to be up for a raise in a couple months and I’m wondering what sort of raise I should expect? I know Java EE, CSS, AJAX, SQL, Struts, etc.

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2 thoughts on “What is the average first year raise for a software developer?”

  1. Considering most of the job market are not getting raises, do not expect to get any. However, a good raise is usually from 3 – 5%. That would put you between 56K and 60K per year.

  2. Yes. In US market and that too in current situation, an average of 3-5 percent raise can be considered as a promising one.

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