What is the best book to learn java programming?

What is the best book to learn java programming?

I want a beginners book in java programming, I know very little as I did a short course in school.

I know visual basic programming and a few other programming languages already, and now want to learn java programming.

If you know any good books that learn java easily please post them here, thanks

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  1. Honestly, your best bet would be to go to Barnes and Noble or Borders and look through all of their programming books. I don’t know the name of a specific book but a quick look on Amazon.com or the store can help.

    I learned Python through school and am taking a Java class next year. PHP and MYSQL I am learning with The PHP and MYSQL Bible (real book).

    Anyway there is alot out there, not to mention the amount of free tutorials and ebooks available online.

    Hope I helped.

  2. For me, Head First Java is the best book for beginner.
    This book is really unique, and it’s really fun to learn from this book.

  3. There is no “best” book to learn Java programming because each book approaches the subject from a different direction – and each student does as well.

    In any case, you really can’t learn much more than the basics in any book. Really learning to program in Java or any other programming language/environment takes time and practice. Unfortunately, there are not substitutes or short cuts.

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