A Less Complicated C++ Compiler?

is there a less complicated c++ compiler than microsoft express 2008? i found it to complicated and hav found no other free program to make a fps. a tutorial on c++ game making and the easyier program would be appreciated. and if there r other programs then tell me (10 points)
don’t post if ur just gonna insult
ahhhhhhhh i meant microsoft visual 2008 sorry


  1. I personally never liked Expressed, it was too slow and a lot of the options and preferences are just unnecessary.

    I use Microsoft Visual Studio v 6.0. i hope that helps.

  2. So true Michael J, so so true.

    But to answer the question: The easiest C++ compiler out there is Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (Or you could use Microsoft Express if you don’t wanna shell out the money). All you have to do to compile it is write the code, debug it by pressing F4, and then run the program by pressing F5. Simple as that. Then again, if you meant that it is a complicated compiler because the code YOU have to learn and YOU have to write is difficult then hey, your assed out bud.

    using namespace std;

    char myChoice;

    cout << "(a) I will persevere! n(b) I will cease learning! n"; cout << ">>> “;
    cin >> myChoice;
    myChoice = toupper(myChoice);

    if(myChoice == ‘A’) cout << "Good for you! " << endl; else cout << "Goodbye, never talk to me again. " << endl; } }

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