1. Actually, most of the issues you have with divs are browser problems, not bad code problems. Firefox and IE both have problems with certain positioning properties.

    But my original point-the table was fine for the table. As you said, use tables for tables.

    If we placed that table in part of a page with a menu on the left and a header on the top, that’s where DIVs come in.

    Using tables for a table is both easy and clean but embedded tables become a maintenance nightmare pretty quickly.

  2. @shred5
    Yeah, I do work in the field (run my own travel site). I only came to web design about a year ago so I feel like I’ve joined post-tables. I’ve created a full theme for Drupal by myself without using tables. Yes, I had the odd issue with Divs, but this was just down to my own lack of understanding at the time. All the CSS books which I read basically started by basically saying ‘don’t use tables, except for tables’.

    Anyway, I guess we’ll have to agree to differ.

  3. Well, what he is designing IS in fact a table.

    Divs can be a pain with different browsers. If you actually work in the field, or code HTML on the side you should know exactly what I am talking about.

    For a 101 tables are better, period. Simpler, easier and easier for someone with poor design skills to follow.

  4. Div tag support is sketchy? What are you talking about. Any good web designer would go with floated layout over tables. Tables should be used for….tables!

  5. Okay after watching this, I can’t believe anyone would NOT use tables.

    For what this was, this was a table all the way! Now if you were placing this table elsewhere on a page, you can use a div.

  6. I can’t believe that somebody would recommend tables over a floated layout in 2009. Nice introduction to the enviroment, but tables are largely a thing of the past.

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