13 thoughts on “ASP.Net (VB.Net) Session Variable Arraylist”

  1. What about the reverse? What about creating a session variable that is an array, and adding to the session variable. For example,
    dim ar as array
    Session(“Stuff”).Add(ar)? Is this possible?

  2. Yes, it does for me. I had to create a new session variable. Otherwise, I’ll get an exception saying that the index is out of range. But that’s no big deal, as it works anyway. 🙂 Even in AJAX, too!

    One of the great use of session variables is that I was working with a web-based security keypad. For example, I set the session variable to true for entering the zone number to bypass. I set the session variable to false when done in order to enter security code. I’m hitting a char limit, though.

  3. Hi Shalvin, very informative video. However, I believe that you should have cast the value to arraylist when retrieving from session. Since the aim here is to teach, we should have cast the session value because internally session stores everything as Object. Otherwise, very informative.

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