Business Objects XI – CBT: Designer XI

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Creating Universes with Designer XI is a complete learning system consisting of a thorough book and a professionally designed computer-based training application. The system is completely dedicated to teaching you how to become a competent Universe Designer. Readers learn how to create a basic universe and, even more so, how to tackle many of the complications that may arise when designing universes. These topics include chasm traps, fan traps, multi-keyed property … More >>

Business Objects XI – CBT: Designer XI


  1. Again, Robert Schmidt did a superb job with his BO

    Universe Designer book. I’ve found answers right away to many

    questions I had in mind for long time! I could have

    gone to heavy BO documentation, but Robert’s book

    saved my time, a lot of time! He gives very good

    examples on report context (previous book) and

    universe context. I specially like his examples for fan and chasm


    The video is so efficient in teaching! Also we can see

    graphs better with the new landscape format, thank you so much

    Robert for making this subject easier! Hope to see more book by you !

    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. This is the third book I have bought by Robert Schmidt. I learned to design reports from his book “Creating documents with Business Objects”. It is an excellent resource book. I learned to design advance level reports using his book and I always keep it as a reference. In Business Objects, the Help menu does not offer much help when you look for answers. His book is a better resource then the BO Documentation. He has explained everything in a very clear and concise manner.

    In his book and CBT on “Business Objects XI: Creating Universes with Designer XI”, again he has done a marvelous job in explaining basic but important aspects of creating universes. I would highly recommend both the book (for reference) and CBT( to learn faster and have a better understanding of concepts). He has given good examples on report context and universe context. The presentations are very clear. The real world examples make is so much easier to understand the concepts.

    I am very much impressed by the author . Whenever I had a problem, he immediately answered my questions with the explanations. He will go an extra mile and will even call you to help you out. So, rest assure your investment will not be wasted.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Excellent examples (though some of them could have been developed further). Working with “real” cases makes everything so much easier to get a grip of. A terrific book for everyone who wants to learn more about the mysteries of creating universes.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. While there are pieces of this book that are very useful for Universe newbies, like myself, there are far too many things that have been left out. It’s obvious that this book is based on Mr Schmidt’s training class since things that you would see in person (like intermediate steps taken to get from A to D) are not in the book itself. You have to rely too heavily on the video segments that are on the CD to fill in the gaps – video should augment the text, not replace it.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. We’ve have been buying the Creating Documents with Business Objects books for years. Whenever we hire a new employee, we order the Web Intelligence book, and if they are to make universes, they also get the Designer book. This combination has worked very well for our employees. Recently, we ordered the CBT versions of these books and were surprised to see that we still got the same book. We quickly put the CD in to check the CBT and were happy to see that the CBT is actually quite good. We were also surprised that we got both at the same price as the previous versions of the books. The Designer book comes with a presentation that allows us to teach a class on Universes. The Web Intelligence book did not come with the presentation. We contacted Schmidt Ink, and were informed the non-CBT version of the book has the presentation. The person we spoke with also said that the presentation will be on the next print of the CBT. By the way, Schmidt Ink sent us a free copy of the previous edition, since we bought so many CBT’s. We are very happy that these CBT’s are available. They are high quality, easy to use, and inexpensive. One other note, so far the author has been very helpful. We have contacted him several times and he has discussed several matters with us, which is one of the reasons for this review. I just want to thank the author for great books and for helping us so many times.

    Business Objects XI – CBT: Web Intelligence XI

    Rating: 5 / 5

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