Can I study java EE without basic knowledge of java?

I am planning to enroll in a short course for java EE but have no basic knowledge in java. Is this OK?

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  1. yes you can do that but you will have a lack of the logics
    you want to do the similar thing like
    you are going to ride a racing motorcycle but you never ride a simple motorcycle so have a good luck
    it will be better if you get basic knowledge of java first

  2. javaEE is just a bigger lib of javaSE. Your success in an EE course will depend upon the focus of how to do web servers. If they talk about the various technologies available to make a web site or how to do datamine on a database you would stand a chance.

    How good are you with a database?

    You would have a distinct disadvantage because you wouldn’t even know how to write nor install a simple Java application, applet or servlett.

  3. It is possible, but you will need to understand some programming language, preferably an object oriented language and in a web context. Also helpful is an understanding of http, transactions, and messaging.

  4. Your Java EE course will be much more beneficial if you understand the Java programming language concepts (object orientation, threading, javadoc, IO, byte code concept, annotations…) and the Java SE libraries (IO, collections)

  5. Yes, you can study Java EE without a background in Java. I would imagine that an introductory JEE course will cover a lot of the concepts, components, and rationale for this group of specifications. (Example: what is JMS? how is it used? what are the specifications and standard APIs for this? etc. )

    If it comes to hands-on development, some basic Java is definitely helpful — although I’ve seen people with no Java programming knowledge do quite well in JEE intro course (but they generally had some software engineering or enterprise system integration experience).

  6. Yes and No.

    Yes you can force yourself to write enterprise applications.

    No. When bugs appear or when system crashes, sometimes the problem all boils down to malpractice of basic Java concepts. You won’t be able to or at the very least be having a hard time solving these problems.

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