1. Actually, I shouldn’t say “where ever” users input data, only when you need, want or require the user to input more than one types of data.

  2. Awesome tutorial Zay! For your issue with the ‘glitch’ pertaining to getline(), just use cin. ignore(); right after user inputs data for ‘x’ (cin >> x;). This will ‘ignore’ the user hitting the enter key and won’t cause program to run and skip the next input command (asking for name etc. ). That’s where the ‘glitch’ is. Always use cin. ignore(); where ever users input data to prevent this type of issue.

  3. Yeah, ur jokes r cheasy lol – they cheer me up, brilliant tutorials also! You put alot of effort in your tuts, it shows. You might not be planning them out for hours on end, but most people dont go in-depth. Great. Thanks!! I started learning C++ again, i already learnt this stuff before, but ive learnt a few new things. Greetings from UK =]

  4. when i compile it i get an errorit saysin function ‘int main();’struct std::istream’ has no member named ‘mystring’and i cant figure it out

  5. paintballe99, At least he tries to help us you fat c. u. n. t! go get a life at least he’s actually trying his best to teach us C++ unlike you fgtthen smd hoe

  6. you are a complete idiot dont make a tutorial if you dont know what it all means. . . . . it looks like all you know is how to copy and paste no?

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