25 thoughts on “Create a chat spammer in Visual Basic”

  1. He lies He sets the value in the spammer,and he has copied hello and he pastes it in notepad!That’s all.

  2. it was a “Constructive” comment, no an “Insulting” comment, and yes, sorry, i know you get nervous writing in front of the CamCorder.

    I recommend you this: Have everithing writen before doing the vid… the underline what you would normaly tipe…. and if you forgot something write it… the video is much more easier once done that, apart from that… you dont get so nervous! 😉

  3. I get error message

    Private Sub spammer_Timer()
    SendKeys.send (Message.Text)
    End Sub

    SendKeys is highlighted

    Error message
    Argument not Optiona

  4. hey why it dont work i have the same visual basic have you downlaoded a expansion pack ? because when i have made my spammer and test him he post the name of the spammer and not the text and i can not declarate the speed can you give me the projekt data of your visual basic projekt?

  5. check my channel for a few videos on visual basic … the rest of my videos all revolve around computers 😛

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