25 thoughts on “Creating a Calculator in Visual Basic Part One”

  1. @TTTTTT272 How about using a click event for the first number, and a double click event for the second number? That way when the button is clicked once it shows one number, and when clicked twice it shows the other. Hoe that helped 🙂

  2. @TTTTTT272 If you check down on the comments on one of the 3 calculator videos I’ve posted, someone’s already posted a solution to your backspace problem, you’ll just have to dig around. With your second problem, you’ll have to assign an ‘If AND If’ or dual Case statement so that the buttons have to be used in tandem. Although it’s beyond me why someone’s created such an artificial and contrived project for you!

  3. Thank you. . . I have two questions. . . 1) is there a code for a backward button to remove the last entry, also I have a project and only allowed 5 buttons for the numbers. . . therefore each button would have to have two number values, I have created a button like that one a keyboard a Shift button. . . is there a code that will allow when the shift key is activated that it will allow the second number assigned to the button. . . . . Much appreciated Thanks

  4. you must click on the text box where all the numbers appear and then go over to the options on the right side of your screen and scroll through until you see length. change the length to 16. i also had a problem where my length was specified at 14 but the code surpassed this causing it to add more digits. if this first method does not work please get back to me and i can copy the code here

  5. According to Vintage Technology, both buttons are a way to clear or cancel an entry. The C button will clear all input to the calculator. The CE button clears the most recent entry, so if you make a mistake in a long computation, you don’t need to start all over again. for the code, i don’t know it either (yet)

  6. My instructor wants us to add both C and CE commands in our calculator? i was wondering what’s the difference between them?and whats the code for the command buttons?

  7. u know why u getting “0” in ur textbox??it is because u have entered in the properties of the textbox in the “TEXT” 0if u remove the 0 from the TEXT then it wont show up anymore

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