Deploy Top-Performing Java or SQL Code with J Optimizer and DB Optimizer

Yikes! Your application just failed three performance requirements in QA. Is it your database? Is it your application? What is it? Before you begin the usual hair on fire drills tuning the parameters, rebuilding the indexes, removing them, and throwing more hardware at the problem attend this webinar: Deploy Top-Performing Java or SQL Code with J Optimizer and DB Optimizer Free Webinar Wednesday, April 8, 2009 11:00 AM PDT / 2:00 PM EDT Register Now! At this Webinar you will learn how to: • Find and fix performance problems in your Java code earlier in the development process. • Quickly pinpoint, down to the line of code, memory and CPU bottlenecks in your Java application. • Profile the performance behavior of your Java EE application and identify performance bottlenecks across Java EE protocols and components. • Uncover inefficiencies in your SQL queries to prevent poor-performing SQL from reaching the production environment. Learn how you can more easily and quickly prevent, find, and fix problems that impact Java application and database performance throughout the development cycle and even post-deployment.

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