Effectiveness of ASP.NET

Active Server Pages (ASP), also known as Classic ASP or ASP Classic, was Microsoft’s first server-side script engine for dynamically-generated web pages. Initially released as an add-on to Internet Information Services (IIS) via the Windows NT 4. 0 Option Pack, it was subsequently included as a free component of Windows Server (since the initial release of Windows 2000 Server). It has now been superseded by ASP. NET.

Developing functionality in ASP websites is enabled by the active scripting engine’s support of the Component Object Model (COM), with each object providing a related group of frequently-used functions and data attributes. In ASP 2. 0 there were six built-in objects: Application, ASPError, Request, Response, Server, and Session. Session, for example, is a cookie-based session object that maintains the state of variables from page to page. Functionality is further extended by objects which, when instantiated, provide access to the environment of the web server; as an example FileSystemObject (FSO) is used to create, read, update and delete files.

In order to evaluate and assess ASP. Net you have to first understand the acronym and then access the support provided. The full form of the acronym is Active Server Pages . Net. This dedicated Microsoft application has been developed to create web pages and wireless or internet enhanced Microsoft . Net web programming technologies.   ASP. net is rife with efficiency and effectiveness and forms an integral part of the software giant’s . Net vision. It is in this capacity that the . Net framework becomes indispensible to web programmers and developers. The end result created is dynamic and sophisticated.

ASP. net as a language:

With the use of languages like VB and C# the usage of . Net technology makes web designing very quick and versatile. ASP. Net is not a program that is limited to any one script language. The versatility of this visionary application from Microsoft enables you to use. Net languages such as C#, J# and VB, to develop and build technologically challenging and very compelling applications. The use of Visual Studio, a dedicated development tool, the application is an unadulterated server-side technology.

The whole ASP. net technology rests on the versatility of a common language runtime. This enables developers and website designers to use the application on just about any Windows server to offer state of the art dimensions and dynamics to web sites and support technologies. With the ASP. net software application development, you have a chance to completely meander through rather redundant and static web designs and content. The consistent modification that the technology calls for makes it unparalleled.

Not only is the application updated automatically, but it is also equipped to deploy action based dynamism on the web pages. The latter is an application that springs from the fact that the ASP. net technology is executed on the server side, and hence sending the output directly to the user end web browser. Today, ASP. net is popularly coveted and flaunted by major web bigwigs like Amazon. com and eBay. com. The technology is credited with a reduction in code requirement to build large applications.

The add-ons within the technology:

It is also designed to assure the user of safe and secure applications since the built-in Windows authentication is doubled in dynamism with the per-application configuration. Not only does ASP. net provide better performance via early binding and compilation of matter, but it also extends native optimization and dedicated caching services to the end result.

ASP. net is an application within a Microsoft endorsed framework to help web designing endeavors with a rich toolbox, Visual Studio development environment, versatile WYSIWYG editing and the easy-to-access drag-and-drop server control system. These automated deployments enable ASP. net to perform routine web tasks in the most efficient and effective manner. The arena is developed to address everything from submission to client authentication. It is also deployed for site configuration.

The ASP . Net 2. 0 CMS development technology flaunts an engineering that banks on the integration of source code and HTML. This makes the web pages designed with the technology very easy to maintain and write. Since the source code is server executed, web pages and designs enjoy more flexibility. With the help of ASP. net you can closely monitor ingrained processes and runtime, to catch a redundant one in time and replace the same with a dynamic new one!

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