Exploring Business Objects Web Intelligence

Web Intelligence is a reporting tool from Business Objects useful for understanding and controlling business tasks. Using Web Intelligence, one can create simple as well as complex reports and share the same with other team members. It provides access to the right business information quickly and easily to help decision makers take business decisions.

Web Intelligence allows users to access, analyze, and share corporate data over intranets and extranets for both relational databases (RDBMS) and online analytical processing (OLAP) servers. Web Intelligence provides users direct access to the source database and thus helps in analysis. As a result users can respond quickly to everyday business questions.

In order to access Web Intelligence, users need to log in to the Business Objects InfoView via internet browser. Here users can create, edit and analyze Web Intelligence documents. They can also upload documents to the repository or share documents with other users using InfoView.

When a query is built in the Web Intelligence Query Panel, the business question is converted by the Web Intelligence server to SQL statements and this language is used to query the database. This SQL query is then sent to the database to retrieve the data mapped to the objects the user selects. The queried information is then returned to the Web Intelligence server as data also known as data provider. This information is then formatted and displayed in a Web Intelligence report as a simple table, or complex chart for analysis.

Web Intelligence document features can be used to create professional reports from the retrieved data.

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