Flash PHP MySQL CMS – Content Management System Website Tutorial CS3 + CS4

Source Files – www.developphp.com In this Flash ActionScript 3.0, PHP, and MySQL tutorial video and source file download you can learn how to build slick CMS(Content Management Systems) for your client websites or for projects that require many people to input data. A Content Management System made in Flash makes editing content easier visually and physically for the user or client you have created it for. This method uses one PHP control file, one MySQL database(with 2 tiny tables in it), and a flash application that is programmed intelligently enough to display dynamic content from a MySQL database, or any database type system. We also have tutorials that show how to use a flat text file as database, or an XML file as databse if your environment cannot run MySQL easily. Brought to you by FlashBuilding.com

25 thoughts on “Flash PHP MySQL CMS – Content Management System Website Tutorial CS3 + CS4”

  1. @ignas2526 Pretty sure it’s just a package to get people started with Flash, PHP, SQL Integration. The way it is currently setup is really impractical for a true dynamic website and isn’t really anything special. A user would have to build on this along with security measures implemented on their own, they shouldn’t expect to be spoon fed everything. If someone was to use this without modifying it then ya. . they’re pretty stupid.

  2. This is an awesome tutorial that people who make you pay for these type of tutorial will be pissed for. Everything is about money and this guy is “THE MAN” Keeping coming Flashbuilding.

  3. @ignas2526 there’s always a way to hack something. . . and btw this is only an exapmle so I mean – now u understand how to make it in flash so If u need cms then you already know web knowlage it means you know php. . . soooo. . . where’s the problem to program some protection?

  4. OH snaps, thanks for the vid, something I need, I just been assigned as a webmaster for my robotics club, I only have HTML and C++ experience (At least Im pretty good with C++)

  5. I already change database name , username, password and hostname but still can’t connect. what is the problem. I followed all direction. still having a problem.

  6. hmmm. . I’m still having a problem. I already change host name, username and password. . do I need to change database name? sorry. . I really need help. sorry for annoying questions.

  7. For people who will use that example as a template for a page:1. THERE IS SQL INJECTION HOLE: in PHP username and pasword are not validated. 2. YOU CAN CHANGE CONTENT WHITEOUT BEING ADMIN: in PHP there is no check if user logged in or not then updating/modifying content

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