How can I market my software development business?

I have recently started a small software development company. How do I go about getting more projects? All ideas and answers are most welcome!

Thanks in advance.
Thanks. Just to clarify, we dont develop products but offer software development services for other companies, mostly small businesses. Any ideas on how we can market our services to target customers will be most helpful. Who should we contact? Who can we partner with? How can we get help on the sales front (on a commission basis). Are there existing forums or avenues for these? In short how can we get more clients and projects?

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  1. Check whats in development in sourceforge. The most active stuff is obviously the most active industries. Search google and yahoo ads to see what businesses are offering when you place “software development” and similar as keywords.


    Most businesses don’t know they could be running more efficiently. For example, if you have a database program you could offer free evaluations to small shops and kiosks to tell them how much more efficient they could manage with your help. I’d recommend sending free evaluations to online groups or nearby salesmen about what your services can provide.

    I just cant see businesses going out and saying, “make me a system that will make me more productive”. It’s possible, but rare.

    Educational groups like tutoring servies for standardized tests, and kids, are especially likely to benefit from software technologies.

  2. There is a website called bzzagent. they got several books and cable tv channels great results

    these guys use word of mouth marketing and do all the work for you, we got done in two months what penguin putnam publishing projected for two years

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