How do I get started in writing/programming in T-SQL?

I am completely confused on what T-SQL really is and how it is different from SQL and its variants.

How do you guys program something using T-SQL language?
I mean where do you actually ‘encode’ those T-SQL codes?
In cobol I use notepad as the programming environment.

Do I need to download something like that of a C++ compiler?

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2 thoughts on “How do I get started in writing/programming in T-SQL?”

  1. T-SQL is Transact SQL which is the Microsoft version of combining program logic with SQL statements.

    The best way to start learning is to download the free version of SQL Server 2005

    You will need to download the Express version of SQL Server, download Management Studio, SQL Server 2005 Books Online and download the sample databases which is the AdvertureWorksDB (don’t bother with the Analysis version of AdventureWorks).

    You will find a link under Management Studio Help to the tutorials in the Books Online.

    You will use Management Studio to edit and run your T-SQL statements.

    All of this is free from the Microsoft site.

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