How much will it cost to upgrade to the iPhone 4G?

I currently use the samsung impression and i was wondering if their will be some deal that will let you upgrade to the iphone 4g for a cheap price if you are using a non smart phone, or if the early upgrade price for the iphone 4g will drop.

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  1. First of all, the next iPhone will not be a 4g. There no 4g network. AT&T has gotten stingy about incentives. They allowed everyone to upgrade to the 3g at the new customer price back in 2008. In 2009, all they did was to drop the eligibility for an upgrade from 20 months to 18 months. My guess is that they will do something similarly stingy when the new iPhone is released this summer.

  2. if your plan is up by then then you will get upgrade price, will not be 4g, g doesnt mean generation like it does for the ipod. 3g is a network, just happens to be that 3g went on the 3rd generation iphone. thats y the next iphone was 3gs, because there was no new network.

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