iPhone Programming – Easy Image Animation

Learn how to animate an image by making it transform, scale, and rotate! Subscribe to get 1 tutorial each day about iPhone Programming! Twitter: twitter.com Website: www.pixelcubestudios.com Twitter twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com

16 thoughts on “iPhone Programming – Easy Image Animation”

  1. Very good tutorial. I have subscribed and downloaded some of your apps. I was just wondering could you make a tutorial on how to make an image to two animations at once. Like rotating while it moves. I have been fiddling around with the code but can’t figure out how?Thanks 5/5

  2. Okey, I just started with making Iphone apps just for fun and when I did exactly as you did twice I got this error messages Warning: ‘UIView’ may not respond to ‘+setAnimationduration. ‘error CG undeclared first use in this functionerror expected before AffineTransformMakeScale

  3. with so many crappy iPhone learning sites out there, developers are having a hard time finding the right training resource and program. EDUmobile. ORG has changed that with their iPhone Training Program that is currently teaching over 100 students.

  4. Sorry for the noob question, but when I’m in the Identity tab, I don’t see “Class Action” and “Class Outlet”. Do I have to activate it? Please help thanks

  5. Im still learning myself so I haven’t really gotten to everything you have mentioned. sorry about that, but as I learn it, I will make video tutorials about them! I might make a 3. 0 tutorial about shake detection code, and built-in mail. Im still learning them myself, but I will make a video about them in the future.

  6. Now that iPhone OS 3. 0 NDA has been lifted, it wud be great if u cud focus on slightly advanced areas like consuming web services, core data and multithreading. . . As of now, it’s too difficult to find tutorials on the last two topics atleast. . . There was one. . . Stanford lectures from apple that demo’ed how to read flickr images using their api and populating it in the background. But it was too fast and a bit over board for a majority of “new iphone developers” like me. . .

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