iPhone Programming – Using Scroll Views!

Learn how to use UIScrollView to show much more content on your pages! Everything inside the scroll view is fully interactive, so your user can still press buttons etc. Website: www.pixelcubestudios.com Twitter twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com

16 thoughts on “iPhone Programming – Using Scroll Views!”

  1. Brilliant, you are awesome – you have told me clearer than any 3 Objective C and SDK books I’ve read so far. BIG KISS FROM ME! X

  2. thea9m9: just add button that will be visible in the scrollView, connect with new action, that will do: [myscrollview removeFromSuperview]

    that should be all you need to do

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  4. what if i want the scroll view to be the first view ! i don`t want to click a button to show the scroll view ! how do i do that? thanx

  5. Thanks. Im glad you like it. I will be making a follow up video about ScrollViews, let me know if there’s something you want to see in that.

  6. This is a great tutorial, but how do you add multiple pictures to just the scrollable section. You show multiple buttons on the start up. Can you share the code? please

  7. Great Tutorial… This one was great.

    A suggestion, no one has done a tutorial on adding the Facebook App Kit, or even the App Store App kit to their project.

  8. Great tutorial man can’t wait to try out your app XD but quick thought could you maybe do a tutorial on trophies? Like push a button 10 times and you get the trophy sorts thing? Thanks for all the help u really r a great teacher

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