Java Programming Basics

If you are interested in learning a computer language, then I recommend JAVA. This language is one of the most commonly used languages in the world and can be fitted to almost any application. In this tutorial I will show the installation all the way to your very first program. So get ready to learn JAVA! Installation Guide: 1) Download “Jcreator Software” 2) Install “Jcreator Software” 3) Download “SE Development Kit” 4) Install “SE Development Kit” 5) Open “Jcreator Software” 6) Your Done! Jcreator Software: SE Development Kit:


  1. Hiwhy don’t I get the drop down boxes that assist you in typing the right codes. for instance when you type “import” a small combo box appears with “java” and “javax”. Do I need to set some options or something, cos I don’t get those drop down boxes.

  2. At university, I learnt this from scratch. Glad I did. My first proud achievement was making a Roulette game, using. . . decisions. . . loops. . . basic classes. . . okay it’s not that amazing, but it’s something for a first year student. lol

  3. I’m taking computer science this year in highschool, I really wanna learn this, thanks for the download links, this is the program we use in class, wanted to have my own on my desktop.

  4. having some trouble with the jcreator, the jdk path isnt set right. . . even though i downloaded the software in the link + what it told me to also download it still wont run, help please. . .

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