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  1. iPhone programming is done mostly in Objective-C, but it can also be done in C++. I’m pretty sure that there is no Java on the iPhone, but I could be wrong. Java is very similar to all C languages – they share common syntax and the same basic ideas – so it’s not hard to learn C after you learn Java, but learning C is definitely it’s own, very different thing from learning Java.

  2. I know nothing about programming and tried to learn it myself and seem to get completely lost. I know basic HTML and CSS and how they link etc . . . . . . . . . . but JAVA? Have no understanding but you’ve made it sound in this video as thought it IS possible. So I’m going to give it a go. What language is used in the apps for the iPhone? Is it Java? Or can it me many languages depending on what is needed?

  3. To do Java Programming on a Mac1)Download and Open JEDIT2)Create your code and save file as extention . java3)Open the Terminal, change the directory where your file would be located by typing CD. 4)In the terminal, type in javac usersapplicationname. java to compile it. 5)Then type java usersapplicationname to run it. 6)The terminal will show you the errors when you compile the java program (if they’re any errors in the program).

  4. Can you tell how to get java? i dont know how because if i try to google 1000thing popup 😛 not like C++ or Python, but i would like to try java too see if i like it. .

  5. Hey, I definitely appreciated this beginning into. Usually people just jump right in and I’m glad you’re not assuming the viewer knows anything.

  6. This was a cool video about a Cake record on a desktop telling me about Java. It was wicked trippy and very very helpful. Thanks

  7. Hey! You are very intelligent. I am your fan 😉 I hope to get some knowledge of Java with the help of your tutorials.

  8. sorry to double post but I’d just like to say that I love all your videos so far. you are a very smart person.

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