Learn Java Easily With an IDE

An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is used in software industry in order to help programmers to reduce the time it takes to write code. There are many Java IDE’s available that are used professionally and is a great tool for Java programmers. But IDE’s are not there to help only professionals. You can decrease the time it takes to learn Java by using an IDE while you’re learning the Java programming language. Read on to see how using an IDE can help you to succeed in learning Java!

1. IDE’s help to organize your Java code. IDE’s can highlight your code in different colors, so you can tell what parts of the code are keywords and which are not. It’s easier to learn Java when your variables, methods, and keywords are different colors from the rest of the code. Another cool feature of IDE’s is that they will automatically add the closing brackets to your loops, methods, and classes. Finding bracket problems is not required to learn Java, so why meddle with such a task when your IDE can take care of that for you?

2. IDE’s greatly improve your coding time. Spend more time learning Java by spending less time typing in trivial Java code. Practicing your coding skills is important, but there’s no point sitting in front of the screen trying to remember the names of methods and specific code. Most IDE’s can automatically complete specific parts of your Java code for you, and you will get a list of possible methods you can call from the Java objects you create. This is far better than having to remember trivial methods that are a part of Java.

3. IDE’s help you to find errors. Why waste precious time finding very trivial errors in your Java code? Most IDE’s now will help you to find these errors by finding the problems as you type. That’s right! You no longer have to compile your code before finding out that you’ve made some mistakes. Because the IDE checks for errors in real-time, you will know immediately when you have made a mistake because the line you are working on will mark itself as an error. Your IDE may even be able to correct whatever errors you’ve made, depending on how severe is the error.

These are only some of the benefits of using an IDE to learn Java. There are many more professional reasons to use an IDE, as having this skill is very marketable in the job market today. Interested in using an IDE? Find out how to install one on your computer and then how to write your first Java program using an IDE.

Alberto is a young Software Engineer with a passion for teaching Java so that everyone can learn to program with it. He is the author of Java Made Easy, a site that teaches Java and gives useful tips about everything Java.

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