14 thoughts on “Learn Java part 8”

  1. vi is not the command I think it is the name of his text editor. replace vi with the name of your text editor and it should work

  2. @RobJohnB95

    the point is that you don’t really learn a programming language when you are using an editor. It may be easy but understanding the fundamentals of a language can help you be a better programmer even in other languages. So my advice just use notepad to learn a new language. When you are more experienced you can use an editor to lower your workload

  3. Follow these steps!!
    From start menu click computer,Then system properties, Then advanced system settings.
    Click advanced tab and your enviroment variables should be there.
    Hope you get it.

  4. Go to program files.
    Select java.
    Open it.
    Find the file bin.
    Open it and right click.
    Select properties and copy the location. Which should look like C:program filesjavajdk1.6.0_5bin depending on what version you have.
    Then paste into your path in environment variables.
    End with a semicolon. That bits important.
    Hope this helped.

  5. I Had a problem I can’t compile my program
    this message apears to me when i try to compile it : –

    ‘javac’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

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