Learn Java with JBuilder 6

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Learn Java with JBuilder 6 teaches you how to become a productive JBuilder developer using the latest version of the most popular Java IDE: JBuilder 6. Master teacher and Java programmer John Zukowski uses bite-size examples to introduce the Java programming language and the core Java libraries. Learn to use many of the JBuilder wizards and JBuilder’s JavaBeans Express to automatically generate the development framework, which allows you to concentrate on filling in… More >>

Learn Java with JBuilder 6

3 thoughts on “Learn Java with JBuilder 6”

  1. This book give you a pretty good introduction to JBuilder 6 and assumed you are pretty new to Java as well.

    I found this book explains Java Bean in very detail under Jbuilder 6 environment,and it spends 1/3 of the book about this. If you like to learn Java Bean under JBuilder, this book is for you.

    Besides Java Bean, the debugging multithreaded programs (the JBuilder debugger) chapter give you a good knowledge for how to debug Java program in Jbuilder.

    However, I have one complain about the chapter
    “Introduction Builder Professional and Enterprise features (including UML support and EJB wizards)”
    I understand it is a introduction level chapter, but I expect there is at least one CODE example to show how to do the Hello world EJB under JBuilder. However, this book does not…

    I would like to give 5 stars to this book, but the EJB chapter makes me to deduct 1 star from it.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. I got this book at the same time I ordered Sam’s Teach Yourself Java 1.2 in 21 days. Sam’s book arrived first and I read about 200 pages of it with no problems. Then I started reading this book and by the time I got to page 100 I was totally lost – that’s with the stuff I already learned from Sam’s book. The book starts out being super beginner-friendly. It gives a detailed instruction on how to install the JBuilder 6, to the point that it even shows you the screen shot how how to click the “Accept” button when presented with the software agreement. Unfortunately, that’s where the friendliness all ends.

    The biggest problem I see is to teach Java with the Enterprise version of JBuilder 6. Even if you write the simplest code such as Hello World, JBuilder 6 automatically add about two pages of advanced codes for you, none of which is understandable by the book’s brief explanations. But even if I try the source code in the “black box” style, it still doesn’t work because the book doesn’t give the whole code of any program. It just gives you bits to add to the pages of stuff JBuilder 6 does for you. My problem is, the book doesn’t say where to put the bits, and when I try to put it somewhere I think best, the program won’t compile, and debugging explanations are way too hard just because everything is so advanced. I felt like a baby learning to walk but was put in a plane’s cockpit being taught how to fly.

    The book doesn’t really mean to teach anybody Java. In the first few chapters it covered the basic Java concepts with incredible speed and almost no examples. It is definitely in a bad hurry to get to Java Beans, where it dwelled for the longest time.

    Another problem I experienced is the JBuilder 6 that came with the book is supposed to be a 30 day trial for the Enterprise version that is supposed to turn into the personal verion afterwards. Well, mine didn’t. After 30 days, it just said “license expired” and refused to open no matter what I did. To make it worse, both the author and the publisher are very careful to make sure you can’t contact them for anything, unlike Sam’s book.

    I since learned Java successfully with Sam’s book Teach yourself Java 1.2 in 21 days complete compiler edition, which is also sold on amazon.com. It includes JBuilder 2 is old but very easy to use and doesn’t pack your source code with any stuff, so what you type in is what you get, and one click on the run button and everything runs great. I am sure the experts will find the Enterprise version better, but for me, it is just way too hard. I recommend Sam’s book instead of this one.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  3. Overall calue=4(well written and a good book). The book is well structured for a beginner for Java and a Java IDE such as Jbuilder.

    Instructional value of the book: 5 stars.
    the instructions of this book are well structured and provides easy steps for the user to accomplish the things mentioned in the text book.

    Reference value of the book:3
    This book is a beginners book and soon will not be useful for experienced users of Jbuilder.

    This book is a well done book that teaches Java to a beginner like me and also the nuances of the Jbuilder tool. The chapters are organized in a structured fashion.

    It also teaches the users how ot develop simple applets using the tool and the use of Swing and AWT. The book delves into some advanced topics such as multi threading, and menu creation in the later portions of the book.

    The author is a well respected Java respected and an authority in Java; the book is an excellent book and I would like thank the author for providing readers like me with a great book to learn Java and Jbuilder.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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