1. It doesn’t suck, its just one of the many choices as a WYSIWYG editor. All though if you feel building sites from scratch is more your forte then notepad/textedit/textmate/etc… would be your basic editors for php/css/html/and other computer/programming languages.

  2. Can someone help em make my mobile file sharing website i want to make it and get money from ads etc… but i need help with coding and graphics if anyone can help send me a message on youtube and ill send you my msn and we can talk maybe im really struggling by my self. 🙁 ive allready kind of got a script online but its very IFFY. need someone who knows what there doing.

  3. LoL if some one dose not know that you clicked right mouse click for the properties, then he is not going to learn programing xD

    any way tnx for the tutorials 🙂

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