Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 FULL VERSION

  • No-compromise software package provides people at home or work with a comprehensive set of tools
  • Includes core applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, and Outlook with Business Contact Manager, as well as powerful 2007 versions of like Groove, OneNote, and InfoPath
  • Streamlined user interface that helps you create documents faster, more easily, and more intuitively; improved picture, charting, and graphics tools let you produce better-looking documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • Large library of standard charts, quick formatting tools, and SmartArt diagrams makes it easy to include rich and stunning visuals and charts
  • Includes Groove, an innovative application that lets users create and customize Groove workspaces in minutes and invite colleagues, partners, and customers to join

Product Description
Item #: 62934D. Office Ultimate 2007 will give people working at home access to the full lineup of 2007 Microsoft Office applications so they can create, find, manage and share information across boundaries using the toolset they’re familiar with at the office. Product Description
Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 – complete package
Category: Office applications
Subcategory: Office applications – office suite
License Type: Complete package
License Qty: 1 PC
License Pricing: Standard
Language(s): English
Localization: United States
Platform: Windows
Distribution Media: DVD-ROM
Package Type: Retail
OS Required: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or later, Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later
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Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 FULL VERSION


  1. Having used the Office programs for some time, I was a bit put off by the new ribbons which replace the old menus. I guess that Office needed a new look, but I am not sure if I buy the advertising that the ribbon will make my work more productive.

    Some things that you should know about Office 2007 and Ultimate in general. The licensing agreement allows you to install Office 2007 Ultimate on two computers, one of them being a laptop. I found this clause in the legal agreement and even called Microsoft Legal to confirm.

    If you make modifications to the Quick Access Toolbar (and who won’t do that?) and you want to take these changes with you to another computer, the files for the toolbars are located at:

    C:Documents and SettingsusernameLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOffice

    Where username is your username. Something I have found handy when working with my two computers.

    One thing that I don’t like is that the file name extensions have changed. Gone is the familiar . doc for Word documents. Now the file extension is . docx. If you want to create a document that can still be opened by prior versions of Word, you must purposefully choose to create a . doc file, but you lose some of the functionality of the new files. The . docx file This format is not the same as the OpenDocument standard. Microsoft promises that older versions of Word can still open the . docx files, but I have not tried it and I don’t buy into everything that Microsoft promises until I see it happen. Why couldn’t Microsoft just leave the files the same as they have always been?

    Office 2007 does look slick and I anticipate that I will warm up to it in the future as I get used to the new command structure.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. I chose Office Ultimate 2007 as it seemed to not only have everything I could possibly need to run a business, but also easy functionality that would keep me from pulling my hair out because of software or design issues.

    Ultimate 2007 certainly doesn’t disappoint!

    – Set up was fairly easy: two disks came with the package. Disk One contains most of the software and Disk Two contains applications that guarantee that you are the owner of the software and have the right to all of the Accounting and key business functions.

    – Ribbon technology removes the old “hunt and find” menu method (although for those of us that took the time to memorize and learn the location of every buttom and drop-down it did take a day or two to get used to the new set up).

    – Integration with the web and other programs is virtually seemless.

    – Excel is no longer the chore it once was because of the above mentioned ribbon.

    – Accounting software is included.

    – Ink and Crossword. I’m not one for games on my business pc, but for anyone that likes to doodle or zone out with crosswords, ULTIMATE lives up to its name by including an art program designed for pen users and excellent crosswords.

    – OneNote. I like post-its (perhaps a little too much *L*) and always used the Post-It Note software on my business computer to keep notes. I used OneNote 2003 sparingly because I simply found the Post-It Note software easier to use on my desktop, BUT. . . with my Tablet PC One Note 2007 added a new dimension to my notetaking that I feel will work well with my business: the earlier mentioned web and application integration and handwriting to text functionality. I may still use Post-It now and then for quick notes or perhaps the Windows “Stickys,” but the long note pages, pasting of images and other web info, and pen to paper note taking makes this product invaluable.

    – Word. What can I say? This is my primary software tool and I use it on a tablet pc. The 2007 applications were made for my computer type. I can easily click on formatting tools with the touch of my Wacom pen and I don’t have to stop mid-thought to make a change or wait until I finish the document to then make my edits.

    – PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Groove, InfoPath et cetera (also included): I am still delving into these, but they appear to have all of the perks of the other programs.

    So, did I have any dislikes?

    1. The INK program doesn’t respond to my Wacom pen as well as the Windows journal or Microsoft OneNote. It also doesn’t have easy to use tools within the software. Since it was an “extra” and will not be my primary desktop publishing, design, or art tool – I’ll probably remove it at some point from my tablet.
    2. Microsoft does not include an instruction manual or reference book with this program. As a result, after installation of the first disk and Microsoft’s statement that all of my programs were installed, I couldn’t find my Accounting software, had no idea that the Accounting software was on the second disk (the second disk, when loaded, doesn’t mention that the software is on the disk until AFTER the software installation is complete and instead mentions other business applications), and wasted over an hour trying to find it. Also, I’m a “hands on” person and although I have access to the internet whenever I need it, I enjoy having an actual book in my hands from time-to-time while learning. Ultimate is made with enough simplicity that a manual isn’t really necessary (i. e. most questions can be answered by the “Help” window), BUT. . . for the hefty price tag, I don’t think it would have been too much to ask Microsoft to include a basic “this is how you install the programs and this is what to expect” booklet. Also note: athough Microsoft, through their downloads e-mail updates, provided a “Getting Started” tab with a “how-to” for each major software applications, the tabs had to be added “after the fact” and many of you might find yourselves frustrated with the lack of upfront instructions on how to use the software.

    Beside those few quirks, I fully stand behind my 5 star rating of this product and purchasing this product through Amazon (i. e. Amazon’s pricing was less than the big boy retailers or online vendors).

    Shipping turnaround with Super Saver: 2 days.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. The new ribbon design is supposed to make it easier to learn and use. It may be for some new users but for experienced users, it isn’t. This version takes away some critical nuts & bolts customization features and many tasks now take longer to perform. This is not due to the learning curve, it is the inherent nature of the way the ribbon works. Once you are familiar with the program, nothing is faster than the old menu structure. If Microsoft added an option to allow users to choose between menus and ribbons, it would be the best of both worlds, satisfying the needs of both new and experienced users. The new version does not run macros as fast however. My recommedation for existing users: keep Office 2003 for as long as you can and consider going to Open Office when Microsoft no longer supports 2003 (unless they restore the functionality in a newer release of 2007).
    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. For the first time in several versions Microsoft has changed the file format. However, it is for the better. The new files are all compressed using the ZIP compression format so files are MUCH smaller (old files are 3-4 times larger than new files). The new file formats are supposed to be compatible with a cross platform specification (i. e. Linux geeks can open Office documents).

    The new interface is RADICALLY different. Do not install this if you have a large project to complete. The interface is SO different you will not complete on time. However, after a month of so you will wonder how you ever got along without it.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. I read the review centering on the box the DVD comes in and must admit that I was stumped as well. It was “different” but I don’t foresee this as being a problem overall.

    The new Office Ultimate 2007 loaded quickly. How quickly? Well, I had to check my new Vista HP notebook because I couldn’t believe that it packed all of the programs onto the system in such a short amount of time. It asked for the Product Key and one or two other bits of data but that was it. Out of all the Office suites I have owned, this one loaded so quickly I was sure there was a problem. Nope. Access, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneNote, Excel, Groove and a host of others were there ready to be activated (don’t worry; you only do it once, not for each separate program. Naturally, if you are like me and totally dependent upon email, you’ll activate Outlook first).

    The new Office “feels” different. The ribbons are OK but I would suggest that they allow us the option to retain the Classic (XP) view. I rely quite a bit on the RESEARCH task pane and I don’t mind telling you that it was difficult to find. The menu bar is a bit on the thin side and having so many icons on the top added clutter and confusion, at least for me. Of course, finding the research task pane could have been quickly resolved if Microsoft had put a product manual in the box (yes, the online HELP is nifty but sometimes a man just needs to read about it from a manual instead of printing it out).

    All in all you will find all of your old favorites. And, true to the Office legacy, they really have not changed enough to warrant a major release but I’m willing to bet that after all is said and done, Office Ultimatae 2007 will become the industry standard.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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