Norton 360 4.0 1 User Norton 360 4.0 1 User (3 PC): Software

  • Offers the industry’s most comprehensive, all-in-one protection against digital dangers.
  • Guards against online threats and identity theft and automatically backs up important files.
  • keeps your PC running at peak performance.
  • Proactively alerts you to dangerous downloads before you install or run them on your PC

Product Description
Norton 360 Version 4.0 offers the industry’s most comprehensive, all-in-one protection against digital dangers. It guards against online threats, automatically backs up important files, and keeps your PC running at peak performance. Product Description
Norton 360 offers the industry’s most comprehensive, all-in-one protection against digital dangers. Its groundbreaking new reputation service provides unmatched real-time threat detection to guard … More >>

Norton 360 4.0 1 User

5 thoughts on “Norton 360 4.0 1 User”

  1. Having used both free antivirus and spyware applications, and also McAfee and several versions of Norton, I love Norton 360 and wouldnt use anything else. It has worked very well for me – and starting with last years V.3, they enhanced it a lot AND have cut down – practically eliminated – the resource hogging. Set your Norton 360 V.4 up and it will work for you safely and quietly. It has intercepted many dangerous items that I had no idea about until I looked into my history or printed my report. I highly recommend this product to anyone, but don’t take my word for it – you can try it before you buy it – download the trial from Symantec and see for yourself 🙂
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. I am impressed with the 4.0 version of Norton 360. I have tried many different PC security suites, the latest being Trend Micro Internet Security 2009, and this one has won me over. I have installed it on my Lenovo laptop and am thus far impressed with the robust feature set, operation speed and ease of installation. The following is a list of what impressed me the most:

    – The total installation time was 6 minutes with no reboot. One reboot was required for the previous security software removal.

    – The interface is very intuitive.

    – Updating definitions happens very quickly.

    – The fastest scans take seconds, not minutes. Norton will learn which files are safe so subsequent scans are faster.

    – There are system performance tools incorporated like a registry cleaner and start-up manager that are fast and easy to use.

    – Deletes unused files and cookies for IE and Firefox.

    – It will automatically block known “bad” websites if you set it to and gives you a “safe site” check-mark next to search results without slowing down the search (enough for me to notice).

    – It will let you know how much of the CPU Norton is using (under tasks > Check Norton Tasks)

    – It scans in the background during idle time – I couldn’t even tell it was scanning. Other programs I have used really slowed the system down during scans.

    There is also a bevy of other useful features like an ID safe, phishing filters, boot disc creation tool and spam control included that one would expect from an internet security suite. Perhaps the most impressive overall feature is the speed at which Norton seems to get the job done. From updates to registry cleaning, things happen fast while the CPU performance “feels” less impacted than with Trend Micro. The interface of the program is also very polished and appealing – as well as very responsive.

    The only down side I have noted thus far is the automatic installation of a tool bar into Internet Explorer and Firefox. The bar can be disabled, however. I do not use the backup programs included with security suites and do not intend to use this one because I don’t want to be forced to have Norton installed and working to recover data – thus I have no comments on the process other than the feature is also available with Norton 360.

    All in all, my favorite PC security suite to date.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. This is an excellent update to the Norton series and seems to be performing well (will update review after 6 months).

    Installation – no issues, but you must be aware that if it finds any previous Norton editions, it automatically uninstalls them (at least in my case) before it installs this version. Unsure if the trial version will also do the same.

    Key differentiation – Compared to Norton Internet Security 2010 1-User/3PC, this product provides an automatic backup program and 2 GB free online storage (with additional storage for purchase) – an excellent idea to at least safeguard your critical documents. It also includes some simple functions such as Startup program manager and disk “cleanups”. Those functionalities really shouldn’t be a deciding factor in a purchase as shareware tools like CCleaner do a really good job with these functions. The more basic Norton Antivirus 2010 1-User/3PC does not have email protection/spam/wireless and network protection, etc. If online backup and some of the other utility functions are not a big issue for you, you may be comfortable with Norton Internet Security. If you are worried about identify theft, the identity management module may be of value (basically, you will need to set up a local profile and set up a password that you can choose to be required for every browsing session or each time log-in info is asked on a website). The backup service is also very easy to set up and execute.

    Scanning efficiency – It identified a few risks which my existing army of sharewares, Windows Defender and Norton’s own older edition didn’t find. That in itself does not say this is a superior product, but at least its working as advertised! While it doesn’t seem to slow things down during regular browsing, the comprehensive scan considerably slowed things down (most anti-virus progs do).

    Overall, an excellent product that should be the top 1 or 2 choices for anti-virus programs. Being a highly competitive field, one may want to compare shop based on update costs, number of licenses, etc and monitor for sales/rebates before purchasing… But once purchased, you wont be disappointed.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. I am far from a computer expert, and the main thing I know about Internet safety is that I am in favor of it! I am on the computer a lot, and I do purchase various products online. I don’t normally visit unknown websites, but just yesterday (the day my copy of Norton 360 4.0 fortuitously arrived!), I had been following links for something or other, and suddenly a notice popped up that said my computer had been damaged and that I had all these different viruses, etc. I understood that such a notice might just be another way of getting information from me, so I didn’t panic but I was concerned. Then I remembered that I now had the Norton 360 CD and perhaps this would be a good time to install it! Duh.

    So I did install it (easy as pie) and was reassured that my computer was safe. In addition, I found lots of features that were not complicated to use or understand, and that I believe I will find helpful and actually use daily. I’m sure I’m missing some because I’ve only been investigating this product for about a day, but what I’ve found so far is, I believe, enough to justify the expense of purchasing it. Here are some of the features that I am impressed with:

    *Norton Safe Rating of home page/email account

    -Computer threats

    -Identity threats

    -eCommerce threats

    -Annoyance factors

    -Total threats on site

    *Reputation Service: how Web sites affect you and your computer, with advance warning from Tool Bar that alerts you before you view the site

    *Security Threats: checks for and defines 17 different types of security threats, most which I had never heard of

    *Pass Words

    -Guide to creating a safe pass word

    -Security rating of your pass words

    -Remembers pass words for all your log-ins

    *Management and protection of:

    -Credit cards

    -Log-ins: set them and forget them


    -Notes you create re whatever

    *Safe surfing (of special interest to me because I had been surfing when I got the “damage” notice!)

    -Antiphishing detection

    -Safe web searches

    -Enhanced search engine

    -Site safety rating appears before you view it

    And I’m probably leaving out other features that I haven’t yet accessed, but there is plenty of easily found Help which is understandable by me, a non-intuitive computer user. In addition to the above safety features, Norton 360 also does automatic tune-ups of your PC and can assist in backing up and restoring lost files. In addition, you are allowed to install this version on 3 PC’s at no additional cost.

    For all these reasons (and probably more I don’t yet know about), I’m really glad I chose Norton 360 4.0 for a Vine review, and I would recommend it highly!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Reviews sounded good, but all it did on my computer was freeze up and give me the dreaded Blue Screen failure. Don’t know if it’s the product or my computer, but I’ve never had good luck with Norton products on any computer. Everything worked fine again after uninstalling it.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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