Oracle PL/SQL Language Pocket Reference

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Product Description
The fourth edition of this popular pocket guide provides quick-reference information that will help you use Oracle’s PL/SQL language, including the newest Oracle Database 11g features. It’s a companion to Steven Feuerstein and Bill Pribyl’s bestselling Oracle PL/SQL Programming.

This concise guide boils down the most vital PL/SQL information into an accessible summary of: Fundamental language elements (e. g. , block structure, datatypes, declarations)Statements for program control, cursor management, and exception handlingRecords, procedures, functions, triggers, and packagesCalling PL/SQL functions in SQLCompilation options, object-oriented features, collections, and Java integration The new edition describes such Oracle Database 11g elements as PL/SQL’s function result cache, compound triggers, the CONTINUE statement, the SIMPLE_INTEGER datatype, and improvements to native compilation, regular expressions, and compiler optimization (including intr. . . More >>

Oracle PL/SQL Language Pocket Reference

5 thoughts on “Oracle PL/SQL Language Pocket Reference”

  1. I’ve worked with Oracle for quite a while, and I’ve tinkered with PL/SQL, triggers, etc. on and off during the time that I used Oracle. Recently, I needed to write a really simple PL/SQL program to assist in doing a backfill. I bought this book expecting to pluck out details quickly for writing this program. Unfortunately, there was no index, and the table of contents was a little too high-level to help you find specific information. Finally, once you locate an appropriate section, the text is terse and the examples are quite basic.

    I concede that I probably should’ve bought “Oracle PL/SQL Language” the book for which this is a reference for my particular need. Just beware, however, that this book is solely a reference, and is hard to use unless you already know PL/SQL.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. This small booklet “ORACLE PL/SQL Language Pocket Reference” in this new 2nd edition is exactly what you need as PL/SQL (PL/SQL is the ORACLE procedural language extension of SQL) programmer (and is even more important for casual PL/SQL programmer).

    “ORACLE PL/SQL Language Pocket Reference” assumes that you are running at least ORACLE 8i and it covers ORACLE 9i as well (ORACLE 9i features are marked as such).

    The content and coverage of the book is very good from my perspective. Even the more exotic features that I just can’t remember, like e. g. the AUTHID stuff for PL/SQL procedures, are covered in this book. Even if you do not remember the exact keyword to look something up in the index, the book is still small enough to brose over every page in a couple of minutes to find your solution. All of the ORACLE 9i features (that I know of) are explained like e. g. “bulk binds” (cool PL/SQL performance feature).

    The language and the new index are very good.

    Even though this is a relatively small book, there are examples for almost every topic covered (although not big ones).

    This is NOT the right book to learn PL/SQL and it will not teach you any SQL. If you want to learn PL/SQL, I recommend the other books (by the same authors) from O’Reilly that are all VERY good.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. There is no index and only a scanty table of contents. You are forced to go to the area and browse for information. It is a short book, and scanning works, but an index would be more efficient.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. Concise, precise and to the point. While not a complete reference, it servers its purpose well: quick lookup of on the fly syntax questions. Tiny, but the author found enough space to squeeze in an actual example of most major constructs.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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