PHP Programming for a Beginner, 5-disk DVD Complete Training Suite. Edition 2010

  • 5-disk DVD Complete Training Suite, includes complete PHP training and reference in HTML format
  • In a case you prepare for a job in UNIX/Linux environment, the set contains complete (32 and 64-bit) Fedora Linux installation
  • Includes “Brief Introduction to Linux” video-DVD
  • Includes “UNIX Academy Selected” Training Library of 14 complete books in PDF format

Product Description
Starting programming in general is a challenge. To program in PHP, one needs to learn not only PHP alone, but also have working knowledge of HTML, to which PHP is a superset (it means you must have a good understanding of HTML before you start with PHP). This training set provides exhaustive training and reference on PHP language in HTML format! It contains article and cross-reference on every aspect of PHP programming. A beginner who starts dealing with PHP needs a… More >>

PHP Programming for a Beginner, 5-disk DVD Complete Training Suite. Edition 2010


  1. On my quest to find good courses on PHP, a site recommended this set as the first start. And I must say it was excellent advice. If you have absolutely no experience with PHP and want to jump into the the world of web development and potentially extend your skills to create real-world web applications, then this PHP programming for a beginner is for you. I purchased this package hoping to gain insight into PHP after having experience with C, C++ and Java. Despite some small setbacks, PHP and MySQL are probably the most pervasive add-ons to Apache web servers across the web. In less than a month’s time, using this set I was able to build a website with user logon, discussion forums, user-customizable profiles with the option to upload pictures of themselves, and online web email. To all those users wanting to learn PHP, but unsure where to start, this is it!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. I never tried PHP before, really. I did some basic HTML tagging for fun here and there. I was trying Java and Java Script, but it is too much for my simple tasks. Java Script is great but requires too much of black magic. If you are experienced JavaScript person, it may be not a big deal for you, but I needed a simpler tool to make HTML more interactive. The set is very practical, it lets you set up Linux system, it comes with complete set of reference tools and provides training on PHP on top of that. It also excludes all of the guesswork, as all tools are provided and ready to be used as soon as your system is up. It is very important, that the system installation comes complete with server daemons and Apache. In is rarely mentioned, but after you start learning PHP you realize that it is very important to understand and test the way scripts goes on a server. As I said, this set comes with all tools included. The lessons are top notch, very well organized, clearly written, you take simple example and extend it by doing more things in many ways. By the end of the last lesson you can claim that you know it. I had few titles purchased from DVDxDVD before (I have a subscription with them) and every time they proved to be superb vendor for all my technology training needs. The set is great value, well designed and easily deserves my recommendation.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. I am new at Linux and I did quite a lot of research on which one is the best material for someone who is new at Linux and wants to learn about it. All I can say is I absolutely love this set. I use Fedora at home and work for my desktop. If you are using, or thinking about using Fedora Linux, and if you want to be welcomed into Real PHP World, you should buy this set. Now I can move around all this stuff a great deal better than before I read books from the library CD. The PHP DVD offers real world examples and full source code for many of the PHP/MySQL projects developers tackle on a day to day basis. This is a good starting point for anyone interested in learn new technology or focus in something different than Microsoft.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. This is a BAD PRODUCT! WARNING! Do not purchase this item. This product is falsely advertised and you will get 4 computer discs on the Linux operating system and only 1 disc on PHP which does not work. These are for computer viewing only and will not work in any DVD player as advertised. I tried to return the product and the company agreed to refund my money, but never did get the refund and had to file a claim through Amazon. This company should not be allowed to sell anything on Amazon or the internet. Who ever gave the first positive feedback on this product works for this company. I am glad this was only a small purchase. Also their tech support was no supportive and the their only goal was to humiliate the customer and not to support the product.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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