12 thoughts on “PHP Tutorials: MySQL (Part 1)”

  1. at school we use Dreamweaver and mysqlquerry or something, is it possible to use the phpmyadmin site to make tables and copypaste into the DW page?

  2. I saw that you are using context to write yours codes can I use dreamweaver but the php form to write mysql and php

  3. you will probably see an A.I checkbox, its just a different version. A I is auto incriment, just check that

  4. Weird enough, I can’t set the “auto_increment” option and check the “primary” box , because there is no such box ..

  5. hi good tut. but i need serious help i saved my files in the right places and all when i type in loacal host it say’s it works which is good 🙂 but i can’t access the index i type localhost/htdocs and page cant be found ??????????????

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