25 thoughts on “PHP Tutorials: Register & Login: User login (Part 1)”

  1. I wish these videos would have been out when I started PHP, I had to learn it by messing around with stuff 😛

  2. @iTenzo1 Mysql was the original code when mysql came out. You can do more with the mysqli if you are using verisions 4. 1+ of mysql.

  3. Visit my channel. I offer a Free PHP User Registration System including: Log in, Log out, Register New User, Update User Profile

  4. hay im getting the same error message Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSE in C:xampphtdocsphpwebsitesvirtual-hqlogin. php on line 13so please help me out !!! tthanks and keep up the good work!!!

  5. You should have named it Php & MySQL, some people do not utilize MySQL and probably have to use . htaccess files in turn you should release just a PHP one.

  6. You should have added a name for the submit on the index page. They are useful for issets and for gets/posts.

  7. Aloha. . I was viewing your clip and I have a problem and I’m with hostgator and unfortunately they aren’t able to assist me. So I saught other avenue and you came up here. My problem is this: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING on line 1, not sure what to look for or do? I was told to go in my cpanel to correct this. Its not like I know how to or even know where to start. I hope someone can help me? ASAP. . . my site is down! ;( Lani

  8. my login now is working abit more but when i use my admin user and pass it says could not connect to database and im sure its all named right

  9. hey thanks a lot!! this is just wat i need. he first tutorial worked great. if i have problems with your other tutorials will you respond to my comments?

  10. It would be really helpful if you made files you could download with this in it so that it’s a bit easyier. thanks.

  11. great tutorial! (too bad i cant get it to work. . . )everything is followed exactly as described in all 3 parts, but i get an error. Warning: mysql_connect() [function. mysql-connect]: Access denied for user ‘alex’@’ . . . . ‘ (using password: YES) in . . . . . on line 12the . . . . is information i decided to withhold. im attempting to access through the alex 123 l/p and receive the above message. . . your help is greatly appreciated!!!!thank you!

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